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How to Start a Business Refinishing Furniture

Learn how to make money by painting furniture!

Topics Covered in this Book

Basics of Starting

a Business

Learn the basics of starting a business, from choosing a name to how to keep track of finances.

How to Choose Products

Find out why choosing the right paint products is important. How to build relationships with brands to earn sponsorship or affiliate income.

Finding the Ideal


Where to find your ideal customer and where to sell your pieces. Learn about sourcing furniture versus doing commissioned work.

Staging to Sell

How to make your finished furniture look its best and get the best photos so you can get top dollar for your work.


This is more than an ebook. There is bonus video content, and templates you can use for your business.

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This book is for you!

Have you wondered if you can really make money by painting furniture? The answer is YES!

My ebookwill walk you through the steps of starting your furniture painting business, and take the guess work out of the process. 

You Will Learn

  • Basics of starting a business

  • How to choose paint products

  • Where to find customers

  •    How to stage furniture

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    Please Note: The actual process of how to paint furniture properly is not covered in this book. Please see my Painted Furniture Course to learn HOW to paint furniture

    About the Author

    Hailey Duncan

    I have been painting furniture for about 10 years, and painting furniture as a business for 5. I’ve learned the ins and outs of this craft, and would consider myself a professional in the industry. I’ve used multiple products, some I’ve loved, and some I have not. I’ve done things right and some things wrong, and then turned around and used the mistakes to make my skills stronger. I feel that I have successfully nailed down how to repurpose furniture for the home that is beautiful, and will in fact hold up and last.

    Now I am sharing my knowledge of painting furniture as a business in this ebook. I hope you find it helpful, as I wish I would have had this information when I was first starting out.

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